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What is OOH Cmedia?

Cmedia is an OOH comprehensive information site where you can search for OOH (Out-of-Home) media such as outdoor advertising, event spaces, and street vision in Japan and overseas, and view media information.
We provide efficient and profitable media selection support for clients and advertising agencies considering advertising in OOH.

OOH submission report

Keshion independently investigated and recorded the outdoor advertisements posted in major cities in Japan and is distributing the results of the survey.
The survey was conducted once every six months and summarized in a report with images.
If you are considering posting OOH, please take a look at this as a reference material.

For owners of buildings and land

Effectively utilize space as an advertising medium.We support maximizing real estate revenue from the aspect of advertising revenue.
Since our founding, Keshion has been engaged in the planning and development of outdoor advertising as an OOH professional.
Our team of skilled professionals provides total support to building and land owners, from media development and planning to advertising production and sales to clients.
We take your business to new heights with innovative proposals that transform underutilized space into new sources of revenue.