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    • Refers to large advertisements installed on the roofs and walls of outdoor buildings.
    • This refers to a large screen installed on the roof of an outdoor building.It is possible to broadcast advertisements using video and audio. (Some parts are silent)
    • This is a space where you can hold events for the purpose of experiencing outdoors or within a commercial facility.
    • Advertisements that utilize space inside restaurants, bookstores, and large supermarkets.There are various types of menus such as in-store posters, POP, and advertisements included in plastic bags.
    • It refers to an advertising vehicle that uses the loading space of a truck running on public roads as an advertising surface.There are also special menus other than trucks.
    • Refers to posters that can be displayed inside stations and large advertisements that can be displayed on the walls of station buildings.
    • This refers to advertising media that can be used to appeal to customers while they are riding, such as stickers and advertising inside the vehicle.
    • Refers to the advertising space that can display video advertisements on video monitors inside trains or on pillars inside stations.
    • Refers to advertisements inside Shinkansen cars and station signboards.
    • This is a space inside the station where you can hold events for the purpose of experiencing.
    • Refers to large-scale advertisements, video advertisements, etc. installed within airports.
    • Refers to monitor advertisements installed inside taxis, taxi body wrapping advertisements, etc.