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In addition, if there is any disadvantage or damage to the user due to the change of the terms and conditions, we will not be held liable.

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Users of this website shall use this website in accordance with these terms, after agreeing to the terms of this agreement in advance. In addition, the content of these terms may be changed when it is necessary and there will be no notice given every time, so please refer to the latest terms of use.

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This website respects personal information provided by users and works to protect privacy. Please refer to the "Privacy Policy" page for details.

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This website does not guarantee the accuracy, time relevance, usefulness or any other matters of the information posted. In addition, this site may, at the discretion of OOH-Cmedia.com, add, change, correct or delete the information published on this website without notifying the user in advance. In no event shall we be liable for any damages caused to the user by the addition, change, correction, deletion, etc. of the information on this site.


  • An act that infringes or an act that may infringe a third party or the property or privacy of our company.
  • An act that gives disadvantage or damage to a third party or our company, or an act that has the threat of it.
  • An act that interferes with the operation of this website.
  • An act against public order and morals.
  • A criminal act or an act that leads to a criminal act or an act with the fear of it.
  • False declaration, the act of making a notification.
  • Business activities using this website or activities aimed for profits, or activities in preparation for profit. However, this does not apply if the Company separately approves the activity.
  • An act that damages the honor or credibility of a third party or our company.
  • Acts that use or provide harmful programs, such as computer viruses, or acts that may cause so.
  • In addition, acts that violate domestic or foreign laws and regulations, or acts that are likely to be violated.
  • Other actions that the Company deems inappropriate.

About cookies

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Although OOH-Cmedia.com publishes information on this website with extreme care, it does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of this information. OOH-Cmedia.com may change the information posted on this website without notice. OOH-Cmedia.com bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the user's use of this information or the inability to use it for any reason. In addition, OOH-Cmedia.com is not responsible for any software problems, hardware problems or other damages caused by the use of this site. Please note that OOH-Cmedia.com may suspend or cancel the operation of this site without prior notice.

If a user causes damage to a third party by using this website, the user shall solve with his own responsibility and cost, and shall not cause us any damages. If a user causes damage to us due to an act contrary to the Terms, or an unfair or illegal act, we shall be able to claim appropriate damages from the user.

  • This website does not bear any responsibility for damage caused or induced by the content of the service, results obtained through the use of information, or the legitimacy or morality of the information itself, permission of rights, or accuracy.
  • In the service provided by our company, this website is not liable for any troubles that may occur between users (proposal to act in violation of law or public order, defamation, bribery, privacy infringement, intimidation, abuse, harassment etc.).
  • This website is not liable for any infringement or dispute if the contents of advertising information infringe the user's or third party's right, or a dispute is caused due to the infringement of right.
  • This website is not obligated to compensate for any damages caused by late delivery, non-delivery, misindications on this site and any other causes due to failure of computer system for providing this service.
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  • This website is not obligated to compensate for any damage caused by the suspension or termination of this service, or any change in the service content.
  • This website is not obligated to compensate for any damages, such as computer, circuit, software, etc. caused by downloading from websites of third parties including this service and partner media and advertisers, computer virus infection etc.
  • The Website shall not be liable for any transactions (including promotion participation such as sweepstakes) with third parties, including advertisers, conducted through the Service, and all transactions shall be the responsibility of the person and the user.
  • This website is not responsible for any delay, change, termination, abolition, loss of information etc. provided through this service, or any other damage caused in connection with this service.

Suspension of this website

In order to keep the operation of the Service in good condition, the Website shall be able to stop all or part of the provision of the Service without giving prior notice to the customer if any of the following conditions apply:

  • When necessary for regular maintenance and emergency maintenance of the system
  • When the operation of the system becomes difficult due to fire, blackout, or third-party sabotage
  • If the duties of a first-class telecommunications carrier are not provided
  • In addition, if OOH-Cmedia.com determines that it is necessary to stop the system unavoidably, we will not be liable for any stop or defect in service and any loss or damage caused by these.

We will not be liable for any disadvantage or damage suffered by you or any third party due to the temporary suspension or suspension of our website, regardless of the reason.

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